Does GoMunshi provide catch-up bookkeeping ?

Yes. Talk with your bookkeeper or an onboarding specialist to find out more.

How do I import my existing books into GoMunshi ?

Send your bookkeeper your most up-to-date balance sheet and income statement, and you’re all done. If you have further questions, your bookkeeper will help you with everything you need to get started.

I am not sure about the subscription plan. What do I do during sign up ?

Don’t worry ! If you are not sure, we can always adjust this later. Your first month is always free. We periodically review your account to make sure that your GoMunshi subscription plan is the right fit for your business’s needs. Over time, your business’s bookkeeping requirements may change. The subscription review process determines if you need to be moved to a different subscription plan.


How can I message my bookkeeper ?

Go to "Messages" section after login to contact your bookkeeper. Also you can book a call with your bookkeeper, click on "Book a Call" button. Our bookkeeper will contact you at your desired time.

How do I upload files to GoMunshi ?

You can upload all your sale bills in Upload Bills -> Sales section. You can upload all your purchase bills in Upload Bills -> Expenses section. Any other document required to complete the service can be uploaded in Upload Bills -> Others section. All the Bank statements will be uploaded in Upload Bank Statement section.

How do I delete a file ?

You can only delete your file if the status of the file uploaded is "Unprocessed". You cannot delete the uploaded file if the status of the file is "Processed" as the bookkeeper in GoMunshi has already entered the details of the uploaded bill in the accounting software. In case, you want to delete the file, which is "Processed", please contact your bookkeeper. Your bookkeeper will first remove the details of the uploaded bill from accounting software. Afterwards, your bookkeeper will change the status of the uploaded bill from "Processed" to "Unprocessed".

How do I download my uploaded files ?

Go to Upload bills section. Check the boxes beside the uploaded files you want to download. Click Download.

Can I use my phone or tablet to access your app ?

The GoMunshi web app is designed for desktops and requires a large screen and full browser. Other devices may not display the app correctly.

I’m seeing a bug with the app. What should I do ?

If you run into any bugs in the app, please contact your bookkeeper with the details of the issue so it can be addressed by GoMunshi’s engineering team.

Do you provide GST Invoicing ?

Yes. We have GST Invoicing feature in the interactive dashboard. You can use the feature to raise GST invoices. Details of Customer and Products gets saved automatically in our database. Therefore, you don’t have to enter the same details again and again.

Do I have to upload the sale invoice, which I have created with your GST Invoicing feature ?

No. If you have used our GST Invoicing feature to raise your sale bill, then on clicking the submit button, it gets uploaded automatically in your Upload bill -> Sales section.


If you are not doing my bookkeeping, Can I buy your Add on services ?

Yes. Even if we are not doing your bookkeeping, you can purchase any of our add on services.

Do Add on Services have free trial ?

No. There are no Free Trials for Add on services.

If I select the wrong subscription plan during sign up and purchase the Add on services at less/or more prices, what will happen ?

If you purchase the Add on services under wrong subscription plan, then the difference amount pending or the extra amount received will be asked to pay or refunded.
Add on Services