TDS Returns

Who needs to file ?

Every person or entity who has deducted tax at source is required to file TDS return.

Price Rs. 1,499/-

The above rate is exclusive of GST@18%.

What you will get ?

Purchase our plan and you will be entitled to the services relating to filing of TDS return (Quarterly). GoMunshi is here to assist you with all the TDS compliances without any hassle.

Documents required ?

"TDS payment challan.
That’s it!!! We are your bookkeeper , we know everything about you."
If we are not doing your bookkeeping:
1. Transaction details with respect to TDS.
2. TDS payment challan.


Collection of documents

Our experts will collect the necessary documents and information, if any.

Return Preparation

Based on the uploaded challans, our experts will prepare and share the TDS return for your approval.

Generation of Form 16 and 16A

Post filing of the TDS return, our experts will help you to generate Form 16 and Form 16A.


TAN refers to Tax Deduction Account Number which is required to be obtained by every person or entity which is responsible to deduct tax at source.
Yes, there are certain transactions which have been specified under the Indian Income Tax Laws on which TDS is to be deducted. The rate of TDS to be deducted and the time of TDS deduction varies from transaction to transaction.
# Payment of tax to government Return to be filed with government
Frequency Monthly Quarterly
Due Date 7th of the following month and for the month of March on 30th April

For April to June – 31st July

For July to September – 31st October

For October to December – 31st January

For January to March – 31st May

"There are 3 types of TDS returns :

1) Form 24Q - Statement of tax deducted at source from salaries.

2) Form 26Q - Statement of tax deducted at source on all specified payments except salaries.

3) Form 27Q - Statement for deduction of tax from interest, dividend, or any other sum payable to non residents."

Being your bookkeeper, GoMunshi team knows which type of return will be applicable to you basis the transactions you undertook. Our experts will assist you in filing the requisite return.

Yes, a payee can request the deductor to not to deduct TDS while making the payment provided the payee furnishes a declaration in Form 15G/ Form 15H, as applicable.

Form 15G - It is for resident individuals and HUF

Form 15H - It is for resident senior citizens

Certain conditions need to be fulfilled by the payee to be eligible to fill the above mentioned forms. GoMunshi team will update you with the eligibility criteria for furnishing such forms and will also let you know whether the same will be beneficial for you or not.

Filing of revised return on account of any incorrect information provided by you will not form part of the plan.

"Yes, every payee is mandatorily required to furnish PAN to the deductor. Failure, to do so will attract higher TDS rate out of the following:

Rate specified for the transaction under the Income tax laws; or at a rate of 20%"

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