TCS Returns

Who needs to file ?

Every person or entity which has collected tax at source will require this package.

What you will get ?

Purchase our plan and you will be entitled to the services relating to filing of TCS return. GoMunshi is here to assist you with all the TCS compliances without any hassle.

Documents required ?

"Challan details.
That’s it!!! We are your bookkeeper , we know everything about you."
If we are not doing your bookkeeping:
1. Transaction details with respect to TCS.
2. TCS payment challan.


Collection of documents

Our experts will collect the necessary documents and information, if any.

Return Preparation

Based on the challans presented, our expert will prepare the TCS return and share the same for your approval.

Generation of Form 27D

Post TCS return, our expert will help you to generate Form 27D.


With Yearly expenses between

₹ 0 - ₹ 20 lacs

The Startup


With Yearly expenses between

₹ 20 - ₹ 40 lacs

The Essentials


With Yearly expenses between

₹ 40 - ₹ 60 lacs

The Growing Trunk


With Yearly expenses above

₹ 60 lacs




TCS refers to Tax Collected at Source. This tax is payable by the seller who in turn collects the tax from the buyer. The rate of TCS differs form transaction to transaction. Certain transactions have been notified under the Indian Income Tax laws which are subject to TCS.
# Payment of tax to government Return to be filed with government
Frequency Monthly Quarterly
Due Date 7th of the following month and for the month of March on 30th April

For April to June – 31st July

For July to September – 31st October

For October to December – 31st January

For January to March – 31st May

The deductor will issue the TCS certificate to the Deductee in Form 27D . Don't worry our team will help you to generate Form 27D without any hassle.

The threshold limit for collecting tax at source by the supplier is as follows:

For Bullion - If it exceeds INR 2,00,000

For Gold - If it exceeds INR 5,00,000

For goods other than bullion and gold - If it exceeds INR 2,00,000

TCS will be collected by the seller at the time of receiving the payment only.

Filing of revised return on account of any incorrect information provided by you will not form part of the plan.

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