Private Limited Company

Pricing ?

A private limited company is one of the ways to start your business in India. It is considered as best form of business which also secure your personal assets. It is most recommended form for startup in India to raise funding, ESOPs etc.

Price Rs. 14,999/- (exclusive of government fees)

The above rate is exclusive of GST@18%.

What you will get ?

Purchase our plan and you will be entitled to the services relating to:
1. Name approval.
2. MOA, AOA and Incorporation.
3. PAN, TAN and Import Export Code.
4. Issue of share certificate.
5. Declaration for commencement of business.

Documents required ?

1. For Directors/Shareholders
(a) PAN Card (Self attested)
(b) Aadhaar Card (Self attested)
(c) Identity Proof - Voter ID/Driving Licence/or Passport (Self attested)
(d) Residential Proof - Bank statement/Electricity bill/or Telephone bill (Not older than 2 months)
2. For Registered Office
(a) Rent agreement (along with rent receipts) /Lease deed/or Purchase agreement
(b) Utility Bill (Electricity bill/Gas bill/or Telephone bill) - Not older than 2 months
3. Any other information, if required, will be communicated.


Collection of documents

Our experts will collect the necessary documents and information, if any.

Obtaining DSC, DIN and Name approval

Digital Signature Certificate(DSC) and Director Identification Number(DIN) is required for the proposed Directors of the Private Limited Company.

A minimum of one and a maximum of six proposed names must be submitted to the MCA. Subject to availability and naming guidelines, Name Approval can be obtained.

Company Registration

Registration documents can be submitted to the MCA along with an application for registration.


Minimum two people are required to start a private limited company in India. Whatever is the capital amount of your company, you should invest the same within 2 months of incorporation. Have a basic understanding of the compliance to avoid delays and penalties.
There is no restriction on anybody to form a company in India, but still, we would like to discuss some special cases: Students: Students over and above the age of 18 can form any type of company in India. Employees: Employees are generally not allowed by their employers to form a company and be a director. They may hold shares but cannot take position as director. If you want to open a company, then check your employment agreement and you may also seek permission from the respective employer. Person with criminal background: Though they are not barred to form a company, however, they need to give various declarations to the ROC.
BM: Every private company needs to call minimum 4 board meeting as per the Companies Act, 2013. Filings: A company needs to file MGT 14 from time to time. Also, needs to prepare some statutory registers. Annual: This is most important where annual filing needs to be completed within time.
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