Name Change

Pricing ?

The name of a Company or LLP can be changed with Board of Directors and Shareholders approval. We at GoMunshi offers an easy process for changing Company or LLP name.

Price Rs. 11,999/- (inclusive of government fees)

The above rate is exclusive of GST@18%.

Documents required ?

1) Memorandum of association (MOA)
2) Articles of association (AOA)
3) Necessary Board Resolutions
4) Any other document, if required, will be asked.

How Company name will be changed ?

Collection of documents

Our experts will collect the necessary documents and information, if any.

Review of documents and prepartion of Board Resolutions.

Our experts will review MOA and AOA, and prepare necessary Board Resolutions for the procedure.


Once the Board Resolutions are passed, our Experts will prepare and file the necessary documents with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs after your approval.


Yes, the certificate states both the old and the new name of the company, along with the date of change of the name.

Our expert will ask you and keep you in loop in every communication with the authorities. You don’t have to worry. We at GoMunshi will give you our expert services that are beyond your expectations.

Apart from the registrar, the same should be notified to the banks, clients and other concerned relevant authorities.

The change of name of a company or LLP however has no impact on the legal entity or its existence. Hence, all assets and liabilities of the entity would continue, while only the name of the company would have been changed.

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