FSSAI Registration ( For 1 year)

Pricing ?

FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) is a mandatory prerequisite for entities yearning to be engaged in the food business.

Price Rs. 9,999/-

The above rate is exclusive of GST@18%.

Documents required ?

1) Ownership deed/ or Rent deed.
2) Utility Bills.
3) PAN/Aadhaar/Driving Licence of the applicant.
Additional documents for Manufacturers
1) Details of equipments and machinery.
2) Layout/Blue print of processing units.
3) Details of food category to be manufactured.
4) Pesticide residues report of water.
5) Analysis report (Chemical & Bacteriological) of water to be used as ingredient in food.


FSSAI registration preparation

Our experts will prepare your FSSAI registration application and collect the documents necessary through our interactive dashboard.

FSSAI registration filing

Once the application is prepared and documents are collected, we will file your application and obtain a 14 digit license registration number.

FSSAI registration certificate

Once the application and the enclosed documents are verified by the officers, the certificate shall be granted.


There are different categories of FSSAI licenses based on factors such as turnover, scale of business etc. FSSAI can be categorised as follows:

  1. FSSAI Central licensing and Registration
  2. FSSAI State licensing and Registration
  3. FSSAI Basic licensing and Registration

You don’t have to worry about the category your business would fall under. Experts at GoMunshi will help you choose which category is best suited to your business based on its eligibility.

Yes, after issuance of the license, any renewal, modification or issuance of duplicate license can be requested. Please note that separate charges shall be applied in case of renewal/modification or issuance of duplicate license.

Yes, it is required to obtain a FSSAI license from the address mentioned in Import Export Code.

Yes, FSSAI license is mandatory for both export and import of products.



Amount (Rs) for 1 year


Central Registration



New License application



State Registration



  1. Manufacturer



Above 1MT per day production



10,001 to 50,000 LPD milk or 501 to 2500 MT of milk solids per annum





Below 1MT per day production



501 to 10,000 LPD milk or 2.5 to 500 MT of milk solids per annum





  1. Hotels up to 4 Star



  1. All food service providers



Basic Registration



New License application


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