Company Income Tax Return

Who needs to file ?

Every company, LLP, partnership firm or trust. We can file Income Tax Return for your company.

What you will get ?

Purchase our plan and you will be entitled to the services relating to:
- Filing of Income tax return;
- CA assistance in tax planning;
- Calculation of advance tax liability.

Documents required ?

Seriously!!! When we are doing your bookkeeping you don’t have to provide anything to get it done.
If we are not doing your bookkeeping:
1. Audited Financials


Collection of documents

Our experts will collect the necessary documents and information, if any.

Review and verification of computation sheet

Our experts will prepare the Income Tax computation and share the same for your approval.

Return filed and acknowledgement generated

Post verification of the computation by you, our experts will file the return and share the generated acknowledgement with you.


With Yearly expenses between

₹ 0 - ₹ 20 lacs

The Startup


With Yearly expenses between

₹ 20 - ₹ 40 lacs

The Essentials


With Yearly expenses between

₹ 40 - ₹ 60 lacs

The Growing Trunk


With Yearly expenses above

₹ 60 lacs




# Assessee Due Date
1 Company

1. Transfer Pricing provisions not applicable - 30th September

2. Transfer Pricing provisions applicable - 30th November

2 Individual, Partnership firm, LLP's and Trust

1. Tax Audit provisions not applicable - 31st July 

2. Tax Audit provisions applicable - 30th September 

# Assessee Due Date
1 Salaried, Freelancers and Businesses (Advance tax applies if payment of tax is Rs 10,000 or more. Senior citizens, who are 60 years or older, and do not run a business, are exempt from paying advance tax.)

15th June - At least 15% of the advance tax liability

15th September - At least 45% of the advance tax liability

15th December - At least 75% of the advance tax liability

15th March - Whole amount i.e. 100% of the advance tax liability

For business- Tax audit shall apply subject to turnover exceeding Rs. 1 Crore.

For profession- Tax audit shall apply subject to turnover exceeding Rs. 50 Lakh.

Yes, Revised return can be furnished at any time before the expiry of one year from the end of relevant assessment year.

Kindly note that filing of revised return is not a part of the plan and therefore, the customer is requested to provide complete and accurate details to avoid the need for any rectification in the originally filed return.

Yes, under the Income-tax Act legal proceedings can be initiated up to 4 to 6 years (depending upon case to case) prior to the current financial year. However, in certain cases the proceedings can be initiated even after 6 years, hence, it is advised to preserve the copy of return for at least 6 years or maintain it as long as possible.

Audited Financial Statement is required to be uploaded while filing Income Tax Return. Statutory audit is not covered under the plan. However, on request GoMunshi team can assist in appointing a qualified Chartered Accountant eligible for providing auditing services.

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