Add/Remove Director in Company

Pricing ?

In this challenging and complex world, new talents are hired at management position as directors. We at GoMunshi provides easy way to add or remove director in your Company.

Price Rs. 3,999/- (exclusive of government fees)

The above rate is exclusive of GST@18%.

Documents required ?

1) DSC
2) DIN
3) Self attested PAN, photograph, utility bills, house tax receipts etc.
4) Any other document, if required, will be asked.

How to Add/Remove Director in a Company ?

Collection of documents

Our experts will collect the necessary documents and information, if any.

Review of documents

Our experts will review necessary documents for filling to Ministry of Corporate Affairs .


Once the necesaary resolutions and documents are ready, our experts will file the necessary documents with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs after your approval.


A person can hold office as a director in maximum 20 companies provided the maximum number of public companies in which a person can be appointed as a director shall not exceed 10.

The act does not provide any qualification for directors, but the AOA of company can stipulate the qualification of director

A company can appoint maximum of 15 directors. A company can appoint beyond the number of 15 only by passing a special resolution.

1) When it’s a listed company and, 2) When it's a public limited company whose (a) paid up capital is one hundred crore rupees or more, or (b) whose turnover is three hundred crores or more.
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